Can Luffy Destroy A Planet?

Is Luffy continent level?

Luffy is not continental.

He’s not even large island level..

Is Luffy stronger than Naruto?

Uh, Luffy’s strength was already stronger than Naruto was in Sage Mode against Crocodile. Now, Luffy’s strength alone is insane, add the speed he has and his Haki, and Naruto may not even be able to do anything against him. Naruto can literally run at Mach 874,030.4. On the other hand Luffy is clocked at mach 703.

How fast is Luffy in Gear 2?

Enies lobby Luffy learns Gear second, gear second can increase up to 5x base speed but, lowball if it was double he would still be moving at least 540000 MPH back in Enies lobby. putting him at mach 703. Well, he is very fast. He can almost warp.

How strong is Luffy?

Even though Luffy looks small in comparison with other powerful One Piece characters, his physical strength still seems to be close to theirs. One of the reasons why Luffy is so strong is because his Grandfather Garp has always used the most ridiculous and harsh training methods to make Luffy power up.

Can Goku destroy a planet?

Goku, as all other Saiyans, is very strong but limited in power. The only way for Goku to literally destroy a planet is with a spirit bomb because all his other attacks rely on his own power. Without the power of others Goku can never achieve the power necessary to destroy a planet.

Can Luffy destroy a country?

With a bounty of 1.5 billion berries, it is rather obvious that Luffy’s strength is no joke. Thanks to his two years of training, Luffy has grown monstrously powerful and using his Gear 4, he can easily shatter an island to chunks, as seen when he almost destroyed the town of Dressrosa with his King Kong Gun.

Is Luffy Moon level?

First, basic stats: Luffy is continent level in power and durability in Gear Third, as proven by his scaling to Prime Chinjao, for example. … Luffy’s use of Haki lets him do a lot of pretty weird things, and there’s a chance of more Gears and Awakening his Fruit.

How big is the world of One Piece?

Easily OVER a 1,000,000 Islands in the world. There are so much islands, Its uncountable. And etc, Which CANNOT be inhabitated. This EASILY proves how much bigger One Piece’s world is compared to ours since like ours, One Piece world is 60–70% covered in Water or more.

Can Luffy destroy a mountain?

Luffy does not show the feats to hurt someone with even Mountain Durability, but he has shown he could do Multi-Mountain damage as seen in his feat against the Noah. It can not be denied that the Noah is huge and Luffy destroyed a small portion of it after several attacks over time.

Can Zoro destroy a planet?

1 Can’t Destroy: Roronoa Zoro Although strong, Zoro doesn’t have the power to match the likes of the Yonko or those who could be potentially stronger. It is easy to see that Zoro isn’t someone who can destroy the world with his powers.

Can Luffy beat Goku?

7 Can’t Defeat: Son Goku Goku is one of the strongest characters not just in Dragon Ball, but within the entire anime world. Luffy’s biggest mistake would be to get on the wrong side of Goku. There isn’t any competition and even if Luffy got over a hundred attempts to beat Goku, he would still be unsuccessful.

Why was whitebeard so weak?

The reason Whitebeard’s crew looks weak is because we didn’t have a point of reference to really comprehend their calibre. We only truly understand how strong Marco and co. look only because we’ve seen how Luffy struggled to defeat people like Joker and Katakuri.

Why did Luffy destroy eternal pose?

However, before they can manage to snatch it, Luffy smashes the eternal pose with his own hands. He claims that he doesn’t need it and that he’ll become Pirate King the proper way without cheating his way through. Law says Luffy keeps overdoing it and transports the entire group next to the Sunny.

Can Naruto destroy a planet?

Yes naruto CAN destroy a planet. And no he can’t one shot planets like goku can.