Quick Answer: Are Michael Jordan Cards Worth Money?

What Michael Jordan cards are valuable?

23 Most Expensive Michael Jordan Cards Ever Sold1997 Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems GREEN.

1997 Upper Deck Game Jersey AUTO PATCH 18/23.

2004 Exquisite Collection Limited Logos.

2009 Exquisite Collection Limited Logos.

1997 Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems RED.

2003 Exquisite Collection Limited Logos.

1997 Skybox E-X2001 Essential Credentials Now.More items….

What is a 1991 Michael Jordan card worth?

The 1991 Fleer Jordan card can be worth anywhere from less than $1 to $350 or more. The value depends on two things: The condition of the card. If Beckett (BGS) or Professional Sports Authenticators (PSA) have graded it to be in pristine condition.

How many Michael Jordan rookie cards are there?

three rookie cardsThe benefit to collectors and fans is that Jordan has just three rookie cards. At the peak of their demand, prices for Michael Jordan rookie cards, set new records for modern trading cards.

How much is a 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan worth?

Perfect Michael Jordan Rookie Card sells for $100,000. A Pristine copy of Michael Jordan’s 1986-87 Fleer Rookie Card sold for six-figures in a Memory Lane Inc.

How much is Michael Jordan rookie worth?

Estimated PSA 10 Value: $75,000 The most desirable and widely considered to be “the Jordan rookie” is his 1986 Fleer issue.

Are Michael Jordan cards going up in value?

Prices for Jordan cards, primarily his basketball ones — but also those from his attempt to play baseball — have skyrocketed. … Jordan, though, has carried the hobby to heights not seen in decades. His 1986-87 Fleer rookie card, for instance, has sold recently for $51,000 with a 10 gem mint grade.

Are Michael Jordan cards a good investment?

Simple answer is yes, Jordan cards are losing value but so is the rest of the hobby. They have been on a down turn for about a year, along with the rest of the hobby = people just don’t have the money they did a few years ago.

How much is a Patrick Mahomes card worth?

Patrick Mahomes Football Trading Card Values2017 Donruss #327 Patrick Mahomes$139.532017 Donruss Optic Red & Yellow #177 Patrick Mahomes$3.852017 Donruss Optic Rookie Threads #7 Patrick Mahomes$4.532017 Donruss Optic The Rookies #7 Patrick Mahomes$3.002017 Donruss Press Proof Red #327 Patrick Mahomes$3.44239 more rows

How much is Shaquille O Neal’s rookie card worth?

$18.70 — The average value per card. $60 — Today’s value (high side of range) for Shaq’s 1992-93 Stadium Club Beam Team card, which was among his most-popular cards during his rookie year. 1992 — The year when Shaq made his cardboard debut, which first came on college draft picks cards made by Classic.