What Are Some Examples Of Selectively Permeable Materials?

What is the another name for selectively permeable?

An example of such membrane is the cell membrane wherein it allows passage of only certain types of molecules by diffusion and occasionally by facilitated diffusion.

Synonyms: semipermeable membrane.

partially-permeable membrane.

differentially-permeable membrane..

What two things can go through the selectively permeable membrane?

The membrane is selectively permeable because substances do not cross it indiscriminately. Some molecules, such as hydrocarbons and oxygen can cross the membrane. Many large molecules (such as glucose and other sugars) cannot. Water can pass through between the lipids.

What is the opposite of permeable?

permeable(adj) allowing fluids or gases to pass or diffuse through. “permeable membranes”; “rock that is permeable by water” Antonyms: water-resistant, water-repellent, impermeable, retentive.

What does selectively permeable mean?

Selective permeability of the cell membrane refers to its ability to differentiate between different types of molecules, only allowing some molecules through while blocking others. Some of this selective property stems from the intrinsic diffusion rates for different molecules across a membrane.

What is the meaning of permeable membrane?

Something that is permeable can be passed through, especially by liquids or gases. … A permeable surface allows materials like liquids to pass through — either in or out. Inside the body, the walls of cells are permeable membranes that allow fluids and nutrients to get in and nourish the cells.

Why is selectively permeable important?

Cell membranes are also called selectively permeable membranes, because they are selective in allowing entry of particles into the cell. This property of selective permeability is important because it ensures the survival of the cell.

What is an example of permeable?

The definition of permeable is a material that allows liquids or gases to pass through. A cloth that liquids can pass right through is an example of something that would be described as permeable. … Rainwater sinks through permeable rock to form an underground reservoir.

What are some examples of semipermeable objects?

Examples of Semipermeable Membranes Cells are surrounded by membranes. These membranes are made up of phospholipids (a type of lipid or fat) and proteins. Cell membranes are semipermeable, which means molecules can move through them.

Why is the membrane selectively permeable?

The cell membrane is selectively permeable, meaning it only lets certain things in and out of the cell. … A cell is a living thing and needs just the right balance of nutrients and water, called homeostasis. The selective permeability of the membrane allows the cell to stay in homeostasis.

Can salt pass through a semipermeable membrane?

The dialysis tubing is a semipermeable membrane. Water molecules can pass through the membrane. The salt ions can not pass through the membrane. The net flow of solvent molecules through a semipermeable membrane from a pure solvent (in this cause deionized water) to a more concentrated solution is called osmosis.

Is selectively permeable and semipermeable the same thing?

Note that a semipermeable membrane is not the same as a selectively permeable membrane. Semipermeable membrane describes a membrane that allows some particles to pass through (by size), whereas the selectively permeable membrane “chooses” what passes through (size is not a factor).

How do you use permeable in a sentence?

Permeable sentence examplesJacquerod and Perrot have found that quartz-glass is freely permeable to helium below a red-heat (Comet. … On the upheaval of such rocks above the sea-level, fresh water from rainfall began to flow over their exposed surfaces, and, so far as the strata were permeable, to lie in their interstices upon the salt water.More items…

What is another word for permeable?

Similar words for permeable: absorbent (adjective) absorbent, penetrable (adjective) all (adjective) assimilative (adjective)

Is skin a semipermeable membrane?

The skin cells of your fingertips swell because they’ve absorbed water from the surrounding bath. All of your cells are wrapped in a semi-permeable membrane, meaning they allow water and some other molecules through while blocking the rest.

What does semipermeable mean?

: partially but not freely or wholly permeable specifically : permeable to some usually small molecules but not to other usually larger particles a semipermeable membrane.

What does the word permeable mean?

Permeable means able to be penetrated or passed through, especially by a liquid or gas. The verb permeate means to penetrate, pass through, and often become widespread throughout something.

How do you use selectively permeable in a sentence?

Dense refractory metals or their alloys have been found to be selectively permeable to hydrogen. In addition to palladium and its alloys, other metals and oxides in nonporous forms are known to be selectively permeable to some gases. A semi-permeable membrane is otherwise known as a selectively permeable membrane.